Bedford Farmers Club

Celebrating 169 Years in the Community

Next Meeting: June 9, 2021

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2021 Meetings

Wednesday, May 5
3:00 p.m.

St. Matthew's Church, Bedford, NY
382 Cantitoe Street, Bedford, NY

Wednesday, June 9
3:00 p.m.

Hilltop Hanover Farm, Yorktown, NY
1271 Hanover St., Yorktown 10598

Wednesday, September 15
3:00 p.m.




Integrated Pest Management

Steve Wood, son of former BFC president JIm Wood, describes his efforts to protect his ranch in Montana from pests, whether they’re vertebrates, insects or weeds.

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New at Hilltop Hanover

Visit Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center to learn about their current initiatives and take a tour.

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Something interesting to be determined!

Wednesday, October 20,
3:00 p.m.
Hops Growing in NYS


Hop to It!

Hops educator Steve Miller will discuss the history and current state of hops growing and brewing in NYS.


Bedford Farmers Club in1927 at 75th Anniversary


Bedford Farmers Club seeks to encourage wise and rewarding land stewardship. We work to foster an awareness of Bedford's remarkable agricultural heritage. Advancing knowledge and improving the practice of agriculture and horticulture in a farming community was the premise of the Bedford Farmers Club in 1852. Today it addresses backyard farming, horticulture, animal husbandry, and local history. 

BFC meetings are held in spring and fall. Meetings feature topical speakers, site visits, "Timely Tips" on horticulture, and a  much-loved report by our BFC historian. Refreshments are served. 

We are open to all, and use the $10 annual dues to support our programs.

Current Officers

Mary Farley                     President

Robin Ashley                  Vice President

Roger Vincent                 Treasurer

Sheila Crespi                  Secretary

John Stockbridge           Historian

Julie Henkin                    Hospitality

Ellen Best                        Timely Tips

Gene &  Sylvia Finger     Logistics

Jim Wood                        President Emeritus



2019 Meetings

October         Home Wine-Making with Ed  Giobbi

                      Minutes               Timely Tips

September    Glynwood Farm - The Next Generation

                      Minutes              Timely Tips

June            Sweet Earth Co. - Commercial Flower Farming

                    Minutes                 Timely Tips

May              From Aratoma Farm to Caramoor: the Rosens' Dream

                     Minutes                Timely Tips

Glynwood Farm
Glynwood Farm

Glynwood Farm
Glynwood Farm

Sweet Earth Farm
Sweet Earth Farm

Glynwood Farm
Glynwood Farm


April             River of Change: Agriculture, Industry, and Commerce in the Hudson Valley, 1800-1900 

                     Prof. Christopher Clark

                     Minutes                Timely Tips

2018 Meetings

October        Composting at Coker Farm

                      Minutes               Timely Tips

September    Westchester Land Trust - Land Conservation

                      Minutes              Timely Tips

June            Phillis Warden's Garden - Native Plants

                     Minutes               Timely Tips

May              Bluestone Farm - Organic Agriculture

                     Minutes                Timely Tips

Kara Hartigan Whelan
Kara Hartigan Whelan

Alan Sheely and compost
Alan Sheely and compost

Kara Hartigan Whelan
Kara Hartigan Whelan


April              Sustainable Food Sourcing in the Hudson Valley

                      Minutes                Timely Tips

2017 Meetings

October        Thompson's Cider Mill


September    Martha Stewart's Farm


June            Progress on the New Tappan Zee Bridge


May              Eco Shrimp Garden


April             Earthquakes - Lamont-Doherty Laboratory


Prior Meetings


October        Thompson's Cider Mill


September   Mill Pond Farm - Robin Ashley


June            Green Chimneys


May              Cabbage Hill Farm


April             Update on Bedford 2020


March          White Oak Farm - Maple Sugaring



October        Stone Barns - Squash Hybridizing


September    Ivanna Farms - Cider Making


June             Ice Pond Farm with Dick Button


May              Rainbeau Ridge Farm - Bee Keeping


April             Changing Weather, Prof. Adam Sobel


March          Geothermal Heating, Heat of the Earth, Inc.



October         Mill Pond Farm - Certifying as Organic


September    Orchid Growing - Bill Smiles


June              Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.


May              Untermyer Gardens Tour


April             Geology of the Bottom of the Hudson River, Prof Bill Ryan



October        Science Barge - Yonkers


September    Ryder Farm


June              Mianus River Gorge


May              Lasdon  Park


April             Historical Ecology of NYC Region - Eric Sanderson



October        Wilkins Fruit and Fir Farm


September   Leave the Leaves!  Leaf Management


June             Bedford Audubon Society


May             History of Mt. Kisco - Mt. Kisco Historian Harry McCartney


April             Local Native American Village and Massacre - Tony Godino



October         Old Croton Aqueduct


September    The Leatherman - Ward Pound Ridge Reservation


June              Faraway Farm Alpacas


May              Teatown Reservation


April             The Slow Food Movement


2020 Meetings

October         Endeavor Therapeutic Riding

                      Minutes               Timely Tips

September    West Lane Farm - Hosting Farmers

                      Minutes              Timely Tips

June             Hilltop Hanover Farm - CANCELLED


May              The Greener Landscape - CANCELLED


Glynwood Farm
Glynwood Farm

Glynwood Farm
Glynwood Farm

Sweet Earth Farm
Sweet Earth Farm

Glynwood Farm
Glynwood Farm


April              Positive Thinking about Climate Change - CANCELLED


March            Farming without Farms

                      Minutes              Timely Tips



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Membership is open to all who are interested in Bedford's long, vibrant agricultural heritage, as well as backyard farming, horticulture, raising animals  local history, and the wise use of our land, soil and water. resouroes. 


Attendance at two meetings is required for rmembership.  Prospective members are officially voted in at their second meeting.

Dues are $10 per year, payable to the treasurer.



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