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About the Club

Bedford Farmers Club seeks to encourage wise and rewarding land stewardship. We work to foster an awareness of Bedford's remarkable agricultural heritage. Advancing knowledge and improving the practice of agriculture and horticulture in a farming community was the premise of the Bedford Farmers Club in 1852. Today it addresses backyard farming, horticulture, animal husbandry, and local history. 

BFC meetings are held in spring and fall. Meetings feature topical speakers, site visits, "Timely Tips" on horticulture, and a  much-loved report by our BFC historian. Refreshments are served. 

We are open to all, and use the $10 annual dues to support our programs.


Bedford Farmers Club in1927 at 75th Anniversary


Presicent                      Mary Farley

Vice President             Robin Ashley

Secretary                      Sheila Crespi

Treasurer                      Roger Vincent

Hospitality                    Julie Henken

Historian                       John Stockbridge

Timely Tips                  Ellen Best

President Emeritus     Jim Wood

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